Browse Rates

Estimate your shipping costs before creating labels by browsing rates for different carrier services. From the Configure a Label sidebar, you can view available rates for your shipment based on the Package Details and save rates to create labels at a later time.

To browse rates in the Configure a Label sidebar:

  1. Click an order row to open an order in the sidebar. If you would like to browse rates for an order not in PayPal, follow the steps in Create a Label Without an Order.

  2. Click the Browse Rates tab under the Package Details section.

  3. Enter the Dimensions and Weight for your custom package type.


    If you are using a specific carrier packaging type, select the name of the packaging from the Package Type drop-down menu.

  4. Click the Calculate Rates button.


    Eligible carrier services will appear under the Select Shipping Service section based on your package details.

  5. Choose your desired service and rate, then click the Purchase Now button.


    Save Rate for Later Purchase

    Not ready to purchase your label yet? Click the Save Rate button to save the rate for this order.

    You can complete your purchase from the Orders page at any time by clicking the $X.XX - Buy button in the order row.

    Image of PayPal Ready To Ship page. Box highlights Buy Label link.