UPS Additional Handling

UPS charges an Additional Handling fee for shipments that require special handling during transportation. The Additional Handling fee is typically assessed based on the shipment's weight and dimensions, but UPS reserves the right to charge the fee for any shipment that they determine to require special handling. See the UPS Terms and Conditions of Service for more information.

The following are criteria for shipments that may assess Additional Handling fees.

Weight Criteria: The Additional Handling charge applies to any:

  • Domestic package with an actual weight of more than 50 pounds.

  • International package with an actual weight of more than 70 pounds.

Dimensions Criteria: The following package dimensions will result in an Additional Handling fee.

  • Longest side of the package exceeds 48 inches.

  • Second-longest side of the package exceeds 30 inches.

  • Longest side of the package + girth ([2 x width] + [2 x height]) exceeds 105 inches.

  • Soft-side package (including poly bags and bubble mailers) exceeds 18 inches on longest side, 14 inches on second-longest side, or 6 inches in height.

Packaging Criteria: The packaging qualifications for Additional Handling include what the package is made of and how it is contained. The following conditions may result in an Additional Handling charge:

  • Item not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container.

  • Package with an outer shipping container not made of corrugated cardboard.

  • Package with an outer shipping container covered in shrink or stretch wrap.

  • Package bound with metal, plastic, or cloth bands.

  • Package with wheels, casters, handles, or straps.

  • Package with contents protruding outside the container surface.

  • Item is a cylindrical-like or irregular shape.

  • The smallest side is 1-inch or less.

Notes about UPS Fees and Surcharges

  • As of September, 2023, the fee is $12.75. This fee is subject to change at any time.

  • The Additional Handling fee will not be assessed for shipments qualifying for UPS's Large Package Surcharge.

  • If a shipment meets more than one qualification for the Additional Handling fee, only one charge (the greatest of the eligible charges) will be assessed.

Select UPS Additional Handling

Avoid being overcharged by checking the box next to This package requires additional handling in the PayPal Shipping Center if your shipment meets any of the Packaging Criteria that requires additional handling: