Change an Order's Ship To Address


Changing the address may change the shipping rate.

You can edit an order’s Ship To address within the order details in the PayPal Shipping Center. This is helpful if you need to make any updates or corrections to a customer address after the order has been imported into the PayPal Shipping Center. If you need to change a Ship To Address on a label that has already been printed, you first need to void and refund the label.

Address Validation

For US orders, PayPal Shipping Center validates addresses against the USPS address validation database. For other supported countries, PayPal Shipping Center validates addresses against the Melissa Database.

  1. Click the order number on the Ready to Ship tab of the Orders page.

  2. Click Edit to the right of the Ship To address.

  3. Fill in the Edit Ship To Address form with the new address and click Save.

  4. Confirm that the new address is correct, then click Calculate Rates to get an updated shipping rate and proceed with creating the label.


Recipient Phone Numbers Not Supported

Phone numbers cannot be added to recipient or Ship To addresses in the PayPal Shipping Center.