Set Ship From and Return To Address

To begin shipping, you must have a default Ship From address to successfully create a label for an order. This is the address your shipments originate from and what carriers require to accurately provide a rate for your label.

Ship From Address: Your default Ship From address is the one you entered when you first enabled the PayPal Shipping Center. If you ship from more than one location, you will want to add additional Ship From addresses, which you can do on your settings page.

Return To Address: By default, your Ship From address is the same as the Return To address. When you create or edit a Ship From location, you can have different Ship From and Return To addresses.

Notes about Ship From Address and Return To Address

  • Using a Company Name in a Ship From Address: If you would like your personal name to not appear on your shipping labels, you can list your Company Name in the Name field and leave the Company field blank.

  • Return To address is the address that displays on the label.

  • Ship From address applies to ensure accurate shipping rates.

  • All address fields must not exceed 30 characters. Additionally, the Name field of the Ship From and Return To addresses requires a first and last name of at least two characters each.

  • If you take a shipment to a post office outside of your zip code, there is a small chance that you may unknowingly change the rate. This different rate can end up in an (automatic) adjustment.

  • There is an even smaller chance that if you take a shipment to a post office outside of your zip code, the difference may also cause administrative issues and a postal worker may reject the package(s). In this instance, make your Ship From address the same as the post office where you drop off your shipments and select the Return To address is different from Ship From address option.

Add a Ship From Address

Add a Return To Address