Create a Label

When your order is ready to ship, you can purchase and print a label on the PayPal Shipping Center Buy a Label page.

Create a Label Without an Order

If you need to create a shipping label independent of an order, you can use the Create New Quick Label button on the Orders page.

Box highlights link to Create New Quick Label

You can access the Buy a Label page in one of two ways:

  1. Log in to the PayPal Shipping Center at Click your order number on the Ready to Ship tab of the Orders page.

  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the order in your PayPal account and choose Print shipping label.

    Box highlights Print shipping Label dropdown menu

    When you choose Print shipping label in PayPal, you will be directed to the Buy a Label screen in the PayPal Shipping Center.


How to Create a Label

To create a label in the PayPal Shipping Center:

  1. Select your Ship From address, if you have multiple addresses for your account.

    The Ship To address will automatically populate from the order details.

  2. Fill in the following information about your shipment in the Package and Weight section:

    • Package Type

    • Dimensions*

      *Not required if you select a USPS Flat Rate package type

    • Weight*

      *Not required if you select a USPS Flat Rate package type

    • Delivery Confirmation

    • Insured Value (optional)

    Add Insurance to Your Shipments

    By default, each USPS and UPS shipment includes insurance coverage for loss or damages at no cost. You can add more insurance coverage to your shipments for an additional fee. See our guides below for more information.

  3. Click the Calculate rates button. Your available service choices will display in the Shipping Services section.

    Box highlights Calculate Rates button. Rates display to side of address and package fields.
  4. Select your desired shipping service.

  5. Click the Purchase Label button to purchase the label.

    Purchase Label button highlighted with red box in Shipping Services panel.

    You will be directed to the Order Summary page where you can review the details of your shipment and print your label.

  6. Click the Print Label button to open a preview of the label in your browser.

  7. Select the print icon to print the label from your browser.


    To download your shipping label and save the PDF file to your computer, click the download icon on your browser's print screen.


Go back to the Ready to Ship screen to create labels for more orders, or go to the Shipped screen to review the order information, view or reprint your label, or void the label if needed.

If you need to ship an order in multiple boxes, you can create additional labels for the order from the Order Summary page.

Things to Know About Creating Labels

  • The Shipping Services section of the Buy a Label screen will only show services that are valid selections for your shipment.

  • Once a label has been created, your PayPal account will be notified. PayPal will then send a shipment confirmation to your customer.

  • Labels are saved as PDF files. You will need to open the file in your browser to print.

  • After the label is purchased, you can print the packing slip from the Order Summary or from the PayPal Transaction Details Page.

  • Package Types include:

    • Custom Package

    • Large Envelope or Flats

    • USPS Flat Rate Envelope

    • USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope

    • USPS Small Flat Rate Box

    • USPS Medium Flat Rate Box

    • USPS Large Flat Rate Box