Reprint a Label

If you ever need to reprint a label you’ve printed before, you can do so without having to void the old label and purchase a new one. There is no fee to reprint a label you have already created.

To reprint a label:

  1. Go to the Labels tab of the Orders page.

  2. Click Print under ACTIONS.

  3. Click Print Label at the top of the order details page.


    Your label will appear in a preview window in your browser.

  4. Click the printer icon and select the printer you wish to print with.

    This example prints from Google Chrome. Your browser print screen may appear differently.


    Alternatively, click the download icon on your browser's print screen to save your label to your computer as a PDF file.

  5. Click Print.

Charged for Label but Did Not Receive One

If you are charged for a label but do not see the label in your PayPal Shipping Center account, the total cost will be automatically added to your account as an Available Account Credit.

You can create a new label with the Account Credit.