Schedule a Pickup

You can access the USPS Schedule a Pickup page directly from the USPS website or from the PayPal Shipping Center.

There is no fee for USPS to pick up your shipment during your local mail delivery window. You can schedule a Pickup On Demand for a specific time for $25.00.

Pickups for UPS and DHL Express

  • UPS: Visit the UPS Schedule a Pickup page to schedule same-day pickups for $12.00 or future date pickups for $7.00.

  • DHL Express: Pickups can be scheduled on the DHL Express website in the Schedule a Pickup tab. You will need to enter your Waybill Number, which is the same as the tracking number for your shipment.

To access the USPS Schedule a Pickup page from the PayPal Shipping Center:

  1. Click the blue label ID to open the label details.

    Labels tab on orders page. under Label column, Box highlights the label slash order number
  2. Click the Schedule a Pickup link to open the USPS Schedule a Pickup page in a new browser window.