Save Label Selections for Multiple Orders

Saved Selections allow you to configure individual shipments and purchase multiple labels in one transaction.

Using this feature, you can select the shipping service and get a rate for an individual order, save your selections, and come back to the order at a later time. You can then print labels for multiple orders together, without needing to go back and configure your shipments again.

You will receive only one email that lists all the orders in one purchase instead of multiple emails for each individual label you print.


  • This feature is only available for regular domestic labels. It is not available for international labels or labels created without an order.

  • This feature is only available for the first label you create for an order. It is not available if you create another label for an order.

To create a Saved Selection:

  1. Click Buy Label under the ACTION column on the Ready to Ship page.

    Image of PayPal Ready To Ship page. Box highlights Buy Label link.
  2. Verify your package type, dimensions, and weight, then click Calculate Rates.

    Box highlights Calculate Rates button. Rates display to side of address and package fields.
  3. Select a shipping service.

  4. Click Save Selected Service.

    Shows multiple services, box highlights Save Selected Service button.

    When you save, leave, and come back to the order, you will only see the service that you saved.

You will be returned to the Ready to Ship page. The shipping service and details will appear under SHIPPING SERVICE for that order.


If you do not see your Saved Selection appear in the SHIPPING SERVICE column, click the Refresh icon PP_ICON_RefreshOrders.png to reload the Ready to Ship page.


To purchase labels when you are ready, check the boxes next to the shipments you want and click the Buy Labels button.