Create Additional Labels for an Order

You can create a new label for an order that is already in the Shipped status from the Order Summary page. This is a great option if you need to create labels to ship an order in multiple boxes.

Not Available for Quick Labels

The Buy Another Label option is only available for orders with transactions originating in your account. Shipments created by using Quick Label will not have the option to Buy Another Label.

To create an additional label for an order:

  1. Go to the Labels tab of the Orders page.

  2. Click the label number to open the Order Summary page.

    Labels tab on orders page. under Label column, Box highlights the label slash order number
  3. Click Buy Another Label. This will open the Buy a Label screen.

  4. Create a new shipping label for the order. Learn more about creating a label in the PayPal Shipping Center.

The details for the new shipping label will appear on the Order Summary page. Click the Print # Active Labels button at the top of the page to print all of the labels for the order, excluding voided labels.


Shipment and tracking information for each label you create will appear in PayPal in the Transaction details.