PayPal Shipping Center Performance Troubleshooting

Since the PayPal Shipping Center is a cloud-based app, its performance can be affected by the browser you're using. If you find that the PayPal Shipping Center is loading slowly or is not as responsive as usual, this may be a result of a few different browser-related issues.

Currently, we recommend using the PayPal Shipping Center in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you prefer not to use one of our recommended browsers, the PayPal Shipping Center will also run effectively in Microsoft Edge (Windows) and Safari (MacOS).

Troubleshooting Tips

Below is a list of several troubleshooting tips you can take when having performance issues in the PayPal Shipping Center.

Troubleshooting Tip


Regularly Update Your Browser

Browser developers will occasionally release new features that will enhance your experience. The longer you forego updating to these newer versions, however, the more your browsing experience can be negatively impacted.

If your browser version is outdated, you may experience issues with account setup, label creation, or order imports.

Click the links below to check for browser updates:

Avoid Internet Explorer

If you are running the PayPal Shipping Center in Microsoft Internet Explorer, keep in mind that it is the slowest browser available when it comes to Javascript performance, which the PayPal Shipping Center relies on heavily. Internet Explorer has also only been minimally-supported and maintained by Microsoft since 2016.

Disable Pop-Up Blockers

When you're browsing the web, pop-up blockers can be an effective tool to allow for a safer, distraction-free experience. Any pop-up you encounter in the PayPal Shipping Center is there to help with your workflow.

The PayPal Shipping Center won't include any annoying banner ads or intrusive pop-overs. Various pop-up blockers can interfere with the PayPal Shipping Center's functionality, causing crucial elements of the interface to not properly load.

Clear Your Cache & Cookies

Cached files and cookies are time-saving shortcuts when browsing as they store login credentials, save images, and more - thus cutting down on login/load time. However, over time these browser-stored files can become out of date and interfere with cloud-based websites such as the PayPal Shipping Center.

Common signs that it may be time to clear your cache and cookies include having login issues, trouble with pages fully loading, or unresponsive buttons. Follow the links below for steps to clearing a browser's cache and cookies:

Try Incognito/Private Mode

If you are running multiple browser plugins or want to see if it's time to clear your cache and cookies, log into the PayPal Shipping Center from an incognito/private window. Private windows don't store cached files or cookies like a standard browser window, and it won't run any potentially-interfering security plugins. It's even some users' preferred browsing method.

Review these articles for instructions on opening an incognito/private window:

Switch to a Personal Computer

The PayPal Shipping Center performs most efficiently on personal computers, such as desktop or laptop computers. If you are experiencing an issue in the PayPal Shipping Center on your mobile device, we recommend accessing the PayPal Shipping Center through a personal computer instead.