Internal Server Error

An Internal Server Error for your PayPal shipping center account may have one of several potential causes.

This error may be an issue with the name or shipping address that you entered on the billing page when you filled out the onboarding form. Answer these questions to make sure that you have provided the correct information, and to learn what might be the issue:

1. Does the company name have more than 40 characters?

  • The company name field has a limit of 40 characters. Reduce the name length if it exceeds the limit.

    Company name information appears on the label, and we cannot override this limitation .

2. Are the Ship From address details correct?

  • Does the Ship From name have both a first and last name? This requires two words, and each name must be:

    • two letters long, at least

    • separated by a space.

    Other separating characters such as _ or - will result in an error.

    If you do not want to use your real name, consider using a name like “shipping dept” to proceed.

  • Is the Ship From address you entered during onboarding a physical address and not a PO Box?

Shipping from a PO Box

If you are using a PO Box as a Ship From address, you must put the physical street address of the post office in the first address line and the post office box number in the second line for apartment, etc.

3. Is your computer operating system (OS) up to date? Are you using a current version of a supported browser?