Error: Unable to load order

Explains causes and possible solutions for the PayPal Shipping Center message that reads, "An Error Occurred: Unable to load order. Please refresh the page or try again later."

There may be several reasons why you might see this error message in your PayPal Shipping Center: An Error Occurred: Unable to load order. Please refresh the page or try again later.

Orders Cannot Be Older Than 90 Days

The PayPal Shipping Center will not import orders that are older than 90 days.

Here are some possible causes and potential solutions to the issue.

Possible Causes

  1. Orders that you are trying to import are 90+ days or older.

    What to do: If the orders are older than 90 days, Create New Quick Label.

  2. You need to refresh your Orders page.

    What to do: Click the refresh button PP_ICON_RefreshOrders.pngon your Orders page.

  3. You tried to use the PayPal Ship Another button. (This feature does not translate from PayPal to ShipStation.)

    What to do: Use the Create New Quick Label as an alternative workflow. See our Create a Label Without an Order article for details.

  4. Your computer's OS or web browser is out of date (FireFox 89.0+, Chrome 91.0+, Safari 14.1+, Edge 94.0+).

  5. The PayPal Order Source needs to be modified.

    What to do: As a final option, you can modify your PayPal connection which will disconnect and reconnect PayPal as the source of your orders. This may log you out, but when you log back in you will see PayPal reconnected and orders should load normally. Follow these steps to modify your PayPal order source: