Change the Ship Date

Explains how to change the Ship Date for a single label or a batch of labels in the Shipping Center.

When you have an order that needs to ship after the date you create the label, you can change the Ship Date to be a date in the future before you buy the label.

Technically, carriers require shipments to be scanned in on the date that matches the ship date (though, in practice, there may be some flexibility here). You can now change the ship date for single labels (for an order and quick label) and for batches of labels.

Change Ship Date: Requirements and Limitations

  • You cannot change the Ship Date after you have bought the label.

  • The ship date can be set up to 7 days into the future.

  • You cannot select Sundays (USPS does not operate most Sundays).

  • Check the USPS Requirements for Shipping Dates on labels

Change Ship Date: Single Label

To change the Ship Date for a single label in the Shipping Center:

  1. Click the Ship Date drop-down, then choose the date you want to ship the order.

  2. Confirm that the new date and other details of the shipment information are correct, then click Calculate Rates to get an updated shipping rate and proceed with creating the label.

  3. Click the Purchase Label button to purchase the label.

    Purchase Label button highlighted with red box in Shipping Services panel.

    You will be directed to the Order Summary page where you can review the details of your shipment and print your label.

See the Create a Label article for details on how to print your label and learn more things to know about creating labels.

Change Ship Date: Multiple Labels


  • Each shipment in this batch will be changed to the same ship date.

  • Before you create and purchase labels in bulk, you must apply Shipping Presets to each order.

To change the Ship Date for a batch of multiple labels in the Shipping Center:

  1. Select the orders on the Ready to Ship page that you need to change the Ship Date for, then open the Apply Shipping Preset drop-down and select your Shipping Preset.

  2. Click the Buy Labels button.


    This will open the Shipping Summary popup.

  3. Click the Ship Date drop-down on the Shipping Summary page to open the date picker, then choose the future date that will apply for all your labels.

  4. Confirm the date you selected (change if needed), then click Purchase Labels.


Shipment information will be displayed for each of the orders on the Purchase Summary screen.

Click the Print Labels button to print a single PDF file that contains all of the labels.