A USPS SCAN Form (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) is a summary of all of the USPS shipments you have created on a given day. It has a barcode that USPS will scan when your shipments are collected. This way, they do not have to scan packages individually and your shipments can be more quickly accepted by USPS.

SCAN Forms are not required but are recommended when shipping multiple orders. You must create two or more USPS labels in one day to generate a SCAN form. SCAN Forms are not available for UPS shipments.

What to do with a USPS SCAN Form

When dropping off your packages at a USPS Post Office, or when USPS arrives to pick up your packages, present the USPS SCAN Form and included shipments to the USPS personnel.

All shipments must be shipped on the same day that the label is created before 9pm local time.

To create a SCAN form:

  1. Go to the Labels tab on the Orders page, then click USPS SCAN FORM.

  2. Click the Create New USPS SCAN Form button.

  3. In the pop-up window, select the present or future Ship Date of your orders and your Ship From address. Click Generate SCAN Form.

  4. Your SCAN Form will appear on the USPS SCAN Form page. You have two options on this page:

    • Click the SCAN FORM # to view the PDF file of your SCAN Form.

    • Click the Print button to print your SCAN Form.


Notes about using USPS SCAN Forms

  • USPS shipments cannot be added to a SCAN Form after their Ship Date has passed. You must create your SCAN Form by 9pm local time.

  • You can create a SCAN Form for shipments with a present or future Ship Date, but you cannot create a SCAN Form for a Ship Date that has passed.

  • You can create more than one SCAN Form per day. This is helpful if you have more than one pick-up time.

  • SCAN Forms are created for individual Ship From addresses. If you have more than one Ship From address, you will need to create a SCAN Form for each address. Learn more about Ship From addresses.

  • Only shipments that include tracking (delivery confirmation) are eligible for USPS SCAN Forms. USPS First-Class Large Envelope/Flat shipments cannot be included on SCAN Forms because it is not a trackable package type.

  • Only 500 shipments can be included on a single SCAN Form. If there are more than 500 shipments, the PayPal Shipping Center will return multiple SCAN Forms.

  • If you need to cancel a label that you have added to your SCAN Form, you can still void the label as long as the shipment has not been accepted by USPS. Learn more about voiding labels.