About the PayPal Shipping Center

The PayPal Shipping Center powered by ShipStation is a platform for creating shipping labels for orders that you manage through your PayPal account. It is available for PayPal users in the US.

Your orders will automatically import from your connected stores into the PayPal Shipping Center, where you can then create and print shipping labels in just a few clicks. The PayPal Shipping Center supports domestic and international delivery services from the United States Postal Service (USPS) and UPS and an international delivery service from DHL Express.

ShipStation cannot be accessed from the PayPal Shipping Center.

The PayPal Shipping Center is a separate website from ShipStation.

To access your ShipStation account, go to shipstation.com.

With the PayPal Shipping Center, you can also:

  • Access USPS preferred rates to save on postage costs.

  • Protect your shipments in case of loss or damage with USPS insurance.

  • Create and print customs forms with your international labels so your shipment has everything it needs to get to its final destination.

  • Automate your workflow with Shipping Presets that apply your most-used service and packaging configurations.

  • Create labels independently of orders so you don't have to make a trip to the Post Office for other shipments.

  • Print USPS SCAN Forms that allow your carrier to scan a single page instead of each individual package when collecting for pickup.

You can access the PayPal Shipping Center by clicking the Print shipping label button for any order in your PayPal account, or go to paypal.shipstation.com.

Box highlights Print shipping Label dropdown menu

See more information on using the PayPal Shipping Center.