Create Labels for Multiple Orders

To purchase labels for more than one order at the same time, you can check the boxes next to each order and apply Shipping Presets to quickly select the shipping service for multiple domestic orders at once. You can then create shipping labels for all of the selected orders in a single transaction.

You will receive only one email that lists all the orders in one purchase instead of multiple emails for each individual label you print.

Before You Get Started

Make sure you have created Shipping Presets in your PayPal Shipping Center account settings.

To create labels for multiple orders with Shipping Presets applied:

  1. Check the boxes next to the orders with applied Shipping Presets, then click the Buy Labels button.


    The Buy Labels button will display the number of orders you have selected.

  2. Review the validated recipient addresses for each order, then click Approve Changes and Continue.

    • Click Edit next to an order address if you need to make changes to the address.

    • Click Remove next to an order address to remove the order from the bulk label purchase.

  3. Click the Purchase Labels button on the Buy Labels screen to create labels for the selected orders.

    Box highlights Purchase Labels button. Date Picker, Service, package quantity, and price all show in Shipping Summary

    Shipment information will be displayed for each of the orders on the Purchase Summary screen.

  4. Click the Print Labels button to print a single PDF file that contains all of the labels.