Add Insurance to a DHL Express Shipment

By default, DHL Express includes insurance coverage against loss or damage for DHL Express Worldwide shipments. This insurance includes coverage up to $30/kg for air transported shipments and up to $11/kg for road transported shipments. (1 kg equals approximately 2.205 lb.)

Because DHL Express insurance is calculated by the weight of your package, you do not need to add an insured value when configuring your shipment.

Additional Insurance Not Supported

Additional insurance cannot be added to international shipments, including DHL Express Worldwide shipments, in the PayPal Shipping Center.

To add insurance to your DHL Express Worldwide shipments, all you need to do is add the package weight (in pounds) on the Buy a Label screen.


To file a claim with DHL Express for a lost or damaged shipment, download this DHL Express PDF form and email the completed form to Learn more about filing claims for shipments created in the PayPal Shipping Center.