Troubleshooting: Add UPS in the PayPal Shipping Center

When you first enable the PayPal Shipping Center, USPS, UPS, and DHL Express will automatically be added to your account as available carriers. Learn more about UPS in the PayPal Shipping Center.

If the PayPal Shipping Center cannot retrieve UPS rates for your shipments, you will see the following error message: There was an issue connecting UPS to your account. Please retry to see UPS rates below.


To re-add UPS and see available UPS rates in the PayPal Shipping Center:

  1. Click the Please retry to see UPS rates below link.

    This will open the Add a UPS account pop-up window.

  2. Enter your business address, then click Next.

    This will typically be the same as your default Ship From Address.

  3. Review and accept UPS's Terms and Conditions.


You will see a success message confirming that UPS has been connected.


UPS Rates Will Not Appear for Ineligible Shipments

The Please retry to see UPS rates below error message will only appear if the PayPal Shipping Center could not connect UPS to your account.

If you do not see UPS rates and do not see this error message, this means that there are no UPS rates available for your shipment. The PayPal Shipping Center only shows you rates for services that your shipment is eligible for based on the package measurements.