Post-Billing Adjustments

The USPS uses an Automated Package Verification system (APV) to verify that all shipments match the details on the label, including:

  • Weight

  • Dimension

  • Mail Class

  • Packaging

  • Origin Zip Code

  • Destination Zip Code

  • Postage Paid

If the weight, dimensions, and packaging details on the label do not match your package, or the selected mail class is not valid for the package, the USPS will automatically either charge or refund the difference of the correct rate to the account used to create the label.

Without APV, improperly-applied specifications would result in a shipment being returned, or in some cases, delivery charges for the recipient. With APV, the USPS will instead deliver the package but will then issue cost adjustments.

Adjustments Apply to All Carriers

While the Automated Package Verification system is only used for USPS labels, UPS and DHL Express labels created in the PayPal Shipping Center are also subject to post-billing adjustments.

Adjustments for undercharged shipments created in the PayPal Shipping Center will be collected with your next label purchase after the adjustment is charged. Adjustments for overcharged shipments will be refunded to your PayPal Shipping Center account as an Account Credit.

You will receive an email from the PayPal Shipping Center alerting you of USPS adjustments.

Manual Rate Adjustments at the Post Office

On rare occasions, if your shipment does not go through the APV system, any adjustments will be charged by the USPS to the recipient when they collect the shipment from their local post office.

View Adjustment Reports in PayPal Shipping Center

You can view adjustments of your USPS shipments by date in CSV files from PayPal Shipping Center.

UPS and DHL Express Adjustments Not Available in Reports

Details of adjustments for UPS and DHL Express labels created in the PayPal Shipping Center are not available in Adjustment Reports at this time.

Please contact our support team to request UPS or DHL Express adjustment details.

To download your Adjustment Reports:

  1. Click your account name, then Settings.

    Dropdown menu for Your Account in PayPal. Red box highlights: Settings
  2. Select the Account Settings tab.

  3. Under Available Credits and Adjustments, click Adjustment Reports.

  4. On the Adjustment Reports page, locate the report you would like to download by date and click Download CSV to download the Adjustment Report.



The reason for the adjustment will appear in the ReasonCode column of the Adjustment Report.


Paying for Undercharged Shipments

You can pay an adjustment balance through the PayPal Shipping Center in one of two ways.

  1. Pay with your next label purchase: When you purchase your next label, the adjustment cost(s) will be automatically added to the postage costs.

  2. Automatic charge from the PayPal Shipping Center: The PayPal Shipping Center will automatically charge your account payment method for the balance amount at the end of each business day after the nightly adjustments process.

    For example, if you owe $1.00 for a USPS post-billing adjustment, the PayPal Shipping Center will charge your credit card $1.00 to return your balance owed to $0.00.

    You will receive an email notifying you of the charge.

Disputing APV Adjustments

If you wish to dispute an Automated Package Verification (APV) adjustment, you will need to email USPS directly. They have an email address specifically for this purpose:

When emailing the Verify Postage Help department, include the following info:

  • The package's Tracking Number

  • Adjustment ID

  • The reason for disputing the adjustment (be as detailed as possible!)

You can locate your Adjustment ID for a specific shipment in the Adjustment Report downloaded from your PayPal Shipping Center account settings.

If the USPS requests more information, they'll contact you via email. Once a decision is made on the status of your dispute, they'll contact you via a forwarded email.

Disputing UPS or DHL Express Adjustments

If you wish to dispute an APV adjustment for a UPS or DHL Express label purchased in the PayPal Shipping Center, please contact our support team.